Make your redwood or composite project strong and durable with high quality hardware

Quality lumber is only part of the equation for a successful project. We have the connectors, fasteners, hinges, latches and other hardware you need to complete your task.

Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors

simpson-connectorsMake your deck, patio cover or other outdoor structure strong, safe and durable with Simpson connectors. We have a full selection of anchors, bolts, clips, hangers, bases, straps and more.

Gate and Door Hardware Distributed by Abbey Trading

decorative-door-handleBerco Redwood carries hinges, latches, bolts, locks and accent hardware for your gates and garden doors. Choose from standard hardware and a range of specialty hardware in traditional and antique styles.

Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System

hideaway-hidden-fastenerTrex Hideaway hidden fastening system installs between the deck boards, fastening them to the joists with no visible screw heads on the walking surface. The Universal Fastener is a self-gapping hardware that creates perfectly consistent spacing between the boards for a flawless look across the entire deck. A stainless steel screw already set in the fastener provides increased durability and easier installation.

CAMO® Hidden Fastening System

camo-hidden-fastener-systemThe CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System works on any treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC deckboard. CAMO deck screws and a CAMO Marksman tool combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a price that makes getting the job easy and installing the deck even easier. CAMO offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against rust and corrosion for the life of the project.

FasTap Plus™ Screws

fastap-screwsFastap Plus exterior grade carpentry screws with DuracoatXT™ and Power Point v3™ were developed specifically for any outdoor project where rust and corrosion needs to be prevented. More cost effective than stainless steel (and with greater shear load capacity), they have been engineered to save time with an easy, labor saving one-step installation that will stay tight for a long time.

Fastap's premium DuracoatXT™ coating far outlasts galvanized in real world applications and won’t peel like ceramic coatings can. The Power Point v3™ point offers easy penetration with less possibility of spinout.

HeadLOK Fasteners

headlok-connectorsHeadLOK is a heavy duty flathead wood screw that does it all and won’t countersink. HeadLOK offers higher design shear than 3/8" lag screws…no predrilling needed! HeadLOK zips right in and is ideal for many wood-to-wood applications including decks, fences, patio covers, SIPs, kitchen cabinets and more. HeadLOKs offer:
 - Sharp gimlet point for fast installation into wood and OSB
 - Aggressive thread for holding and withdrawal strength
 - Free SpiderDrive™ bit in every package
 Sizes available from 2-7/8" to 18".


misc-hardwareBolts, screws, nuts, washers, nails, lag screws and more. If something you need is not listed here, call us or come infor a visit. Chances are we have it or can get it for you.