Dry Bee T&G 1"x6"
Dry Bee Shiplap 1"x8"
Also Made To Order, Match Customer Sample,
Custom Sizes and Surface Finishes

Western Red Cedar
All listed below are Select Tight Knot and Kiln-Dried
Clear Cedar available on request
1"x6" Shiplap V-Rustic
1"x6" T&G S1S2E
1"x8" Shiplap V-Rustic
1"x8" T&G S1S2E
1"x8" Cove R/S Face
4/4"x6" Thin Rab Bevel
5/4"x8" Thick Rab Bevel
5/4"x10" Thick Rab Bevel
Note: 1"x4" T&G milled to order for Sauna applications

1"x6" #2 Pine WP4 T&G RS1S (resawn 1 side)
1"x8" V-Rustic SPF KD RS1S
1"x4" #2 Pine
1"x6" #2 Pine
1"x8" #2 Pine
1"x12" #2 Pine
1"x2"x8' Pine KD S4SEE Premium Furring
2"x2"x8' Pine KD S4SEE Premium Furring

Cedar Sidewall Shingles & Panels

Individual Shingles
18" Natural or Primed
Exposure Coverage
for 1/2 Sq
14" 50 sq ft
12" 42
10" 35
8" 28
7" 25

16" #2 Cedar Backer Shingles (cover approx 50 lineal feet)

One Course Cedar Shingle Siding Panels
Even, Staggered & Open Keyway Styles
plus decorator panels in different styles

redwood siding
cedar siding1
cedar siding2
spruce pine fir
cedar siding shingles

If you do not see what you need, call as we often have inventory not listed here.